The Volunteering Strategy 2021-2027 will be supported by a series of action plans that document actions key stakeholders will undertake to achieve the Strategy priorities. New and existing initiatives are detailed in the Action Plan 2021-2023.

Delivery of actions will support the establishment of topic-driven working groups across local and state government and non-government agencies which will report to the strategy’s Partnership Board. Working groups will:

  • confirm clear terms of reference
  • make decisions about the scope of projects and find / suggest possible partners
  • work out priorities, resources, and timelines
  • drive the activities to deliver project outcomes
  • measure the success of the projects
  • provide regular reports to the Partnership Board on activity project.

Current working groups:

Read the Discussion paper – Volunteering Strategy for SA working group formation.

If you would like to know more or contribute to a working group, contact Daniella Nofi, Secretariat, Volunteering Strategy for South Australia at