The first of its kind

The South Australian Volunteering Strategy is the first collaborative volunteering strategy in the world and is not the first innovation South Australia has made in this field. In 2001, South Australia was the first state in Australia to appoint a Minister for Volunteers. In 2011, a report of significant achievements was tabled at the United Nations to celebrate the 10th anniversary of International Year of Volunteers.

Why volunteers are important ?

The nature of volunteering is constantly changing. As a community, South Australia depends on over 900,000 volunteers to support the provision of essential services and help maintain community wellbeing.

We want to ensure that the number of volunteers continues to grow, even in the face of these changing community norms and an ageing population. We need to respond to these trends and embrace new opportunities so that volunteering remains vibrant and strong. We are committed to the implementation of this strategy and look forward to working in partnership to see our outcomes achieved by 2020.

Our Research

Research is an essential element of the South Australian Volunteering Strategy and the Partnership Board and Project Teams are committed to embracing continuous improvement by acknowledging feedback from stakeholders and members of the community. Annual reviews ensure the strategy remains current.

Over 500 South Australians helped develop this strategy through roundtable discussions, a youth volunteering forum, feedback from the Ministerial Advisory Group and an online survey. Reports from this consultation are available below.


The Volunteering Strategy is a collaboration between the following four partners.

South Australian Government

Representing the State Government and Office for Volunteers

Volunteering SA&NT

Representing volunteer-involving organisations and supported by regional volunteer resource centres

Local Government Association of SA

Representing local Councils and supported by the Local Government Volunteer Manager’s Network

Business SA

Representing business and industry in South Australia

The Volunteering Strategy Partnership Board

The Partnership Board comprises representatives from each of the partner organisations.

Janet Stone

Independent Chair for South Australia’s Volunteering Strategy

Lois Boswell

Deputy Chief Executive, Department of Human Services

Representing State Government

Karen Van Gorp

Senior Policy Advisor, Business SA

Representing business and industry in SA

Lisa Teburea

Executive Director, Public Affairs, LGASA

Representing Local Government

Evelyn O’Loughlin

CEO, Volunteering SA&NT

Representing the volunteer sector

The Project Teams

The following project teams are responsible for the four key focus areas of the strategy.

Project Team 1

Chair: Janet Stone
Manager: Elisa Pecorelli

Project Team 2

Chair: Nicholas Begakis
Manager: Bethany Loates

Project Team 3

Chair: Erma Ranieri
Manager: Daniella Nofi

Project Team 4

Chair: Tim Jackson
Manager: Sophie Kavoukis

Download The Volunteering Strategy for South Australia 2014-2020

This volunteering strategy is a practical blueprint for action over the next three years, which will bring real and lasting improvements to the volunteer experience for South Australians.