Student Volunteering Working Group

Research from around the world, including that of Professor Thomas Nielsen, and Dr Fiona Kerr shows that through providing opportunities for children and young people to volunteer, to be of service to others, has a significant positive impact on their learning, wellbeing and mental health.

In late 2017, the Volunteering Strategy for South Australia Partnership Board selected two priority areas for the strategy’s focus until 2020:

  • Enhance pathways to employment for young people through volunteering.
  • Enhance regional communities through volunteering.

A workshop in April 2018 identified a key results area under the youth/regional priority to ‘increase the use of volunteering base curriculum in schools in South Australia.’

To help deliver on the key results area, in April 2019 a cross sector Student Volunteering Working Group was established to strengthen and promote volunteering amongst young South Australians.

The initial focus of the working group will be on supporting, developing, growing and recognising volunteering programs for students in all school sectors (Catholic, Independent and government schools) in South Australia.

Key outcomes in 2018-19 include:

  • delivering a second Curriculum of Giving – Student Volunteering Workshop in May 2019 to the three education sectors, volunteer-involving organisations, the business sector and local and state government agencies on integrating volunteering into the school curriculum and supporting student volunteering programs
  • developing a suite of resources to help teachers and community organisations engage young people as volunteers and establish volunteer programs.

A number of initiatives will be explored which support volunteering in the Australian Curriculum. Examples of this may include:

  • development of a Student Volunteering Recognition program
  • facilitating a student led volunteering forum
  • delivering a third Curriculum of Giving – student volunteering workshop
  • supporting educators to help build on volunteering work that students are already doing or which will help to create a new volunteer program that links to the Australian curriculum
  • conducting research to investigate the impact of implementing student volunteer programs in schools
  • supporting Volunteering SA&NT and other volunteering resource centres to deliver training for volunteer involving organisations to implement safe and effective student volunteering programs.

If you would like to know more, contact Daniella Nofi, Executive Officer, Volunteering Strategy for South Australia at